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Hypoxia Incubator - We manufacture and sell hypoxia incubators, hyperoxia, CO2 incubators, modular incubator chambers, hot box systems, for IVF In Vitro Fertilization and stem cell and tissue culture.


The Hypoxia Incubator Chamber has been used worldwide for two decades to customize tissue culturing conditions for gas mixture and temperature. This airtight chamber has been proven safe and reliable for in vitro fertilization, HIV isolation, creation of hypoxic / hyperoxic / normoxic environmental contiftions, organ culture and the culturing of a host of cell lines. Each unit is a self-contained incubator enabling you to create the desired tissue culture environment (gas concentrations and humidity).

Tissue Cultureware Capacity

84 35mm petri dishes
27 60mm petri dishes
12 100mm petri dishes
09 96-well microculture plates
18 25-cm2 tissue culture flasks


Outside dimensions: dia. 31cm(12 in.); height 11cm(4.7 in.). Inside diameter of trays: 26.7 cm (10.5 in). Clearance between trays: 2.3 cm. (0.9 in.)

You can be assured of the outstanding quality and durability of MIC-101. It is manufactured from high test polycarbonate and individually tested for o-ring seal leakage. The use of clear polycarbonate allows visual observation of cultures without breaking the incubator's seal.


Chambers can be stacked and interlocked for agitation, storage and to conserve space in war.
Multiple-purpose trays conveniently hold petri dishes, test tubes, tissue culture flasks, microculture plates, etc.
Lid and Marman clamp design allow easy access to experiments.
All components are nontoxic and can be alcohol-sterilized.
The inside of the chamber offers a seamless, crevice-free interior with rolled corners to ensure easy cleaning and decontamination.
Cylindrical geometry of chamber provides excellent gas distribution.
Reliable airtight seal.

Hypoxia Incubator
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Hypoxia Incubator